Date Night: Mexican Theme!

Taco bell may not have the best reputation but in my opinion, it is still pretty darn tasty. That being said, my stomach does not agree hahah but I’m human and have craving. Plus, when HE likes mexican food/taco bell as much as I do, can’t really go wrong. I wanted to try the DIY crunch wrap supreme I saw on Pinterest. The most challenging part I thought would be the folding but it was so easy to my surprise. Now you can make everything from scratch if you so choose but there is nothing wrong with foods that are all ready prepared. So lets break down the steps.












Lime Corn Tortilla Chips:

-yellow corn tortilla
-nonstick cooking spray
-Trulime Lime, Garlic and Cilantro seasoning (This one and their other flavors)


-Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking pan with foil and spray nonstick cooking spray.
-Cut your tortillas into wedges, I did 8 wedges per tortilla. For the tostado part, leave the tortilla whole.
-Lay the wedges in a single layer on the pan. Do not overlap, we want them to get crispy!
-Spray the top with cooking spray and sprinkle with the seasoning.
-Bake for roughly 10 minutes. KEEP AN EYE ON THEM! They burn. You do not have to flip them, just watch them till they are golden brown.
-That is it. Easy peasy.













DIY Crunch Wrap Supreme (beef and chicken versions):

-burrito size flour tortillas
-corn tostado (buy or make as said above)
-salsa cheese dip
-ground beef (I used 93/7)
-shredded chicken (if using, we had some from week meal prep)
-taco seasoning (Taco Bell was on sale so you know I grabbed that!)
-sour cream (or greek yogurt)
-mexican shredded cheese


Brown the beef in a medium skillet. If using your own seasoning, add this now. If you are using a packet seasoning like I did, once the beef is cooked through add 3/4cup water and the packet. Let the meet simmer for 10 minutes. (This can be done ahead of time if you like!)
Before you start to layer, create an assembly line! This is key so 1. you do not forget any deliciousness and 2. it makes things less hectic and you move faster aka the quicker you get to eat.

Lay your tortilla out.
Add cheese sauce (or cheese if you prefer).
Next add your beef or shredded chicken or a combo of both because why not.
Gently lay the tostado on. You could also use doritos or any other crunchy substance if you prefer.
Smear with cream cheese, salsa, then a sprinkle of lettuce and tomato.
Optional but recommend, add a layer of shredded cheese.
Now time to fold. The tuck and fold method. Yes I watched a how-to video and it worked. Here you go:

Preheat a pan, lay the edges side down on the pan first. Cook till crispy, flip, and repeat. There you go! DONE and DONE! Chow time time.

DIY Taco Salad:

Now crunch wrap supreme sounds, looks and smells AMAZING. But I was in the mood for a taco salad with essentially of the same ingredients. Super easy and completely customizable.

Ingredients I used:
-basmati rice (I had some from my week meal prep)
-shredded lettuce
-diced tomatoes
-diced cucumbers
-salsa cheese sauce
-shredded chicken (I had some from my week meal prep)
-my homemade lime corn chips
-and the finishing touch, TACO BELL HOT SAUCE

Plop it all in a bowl and enjoy! You could also use sour cream or greek yogurt, shredded cheese, any type of meat or non-meat substance, beans, guac. It really is the perfect vessel to get as creative or simple as you want. Really, just make it so you like it 🙂

Calories: 503
Fat: 11g
Carbohydrates: 72g
Protein: 29g

This bowl was HUGE and I have never eaten so fricking fast in my life. DEVOURED, CRUSHED whatever you want to describe it. I was one happy camper needless to say. And so was HE on that note so it was indeed a successful meal for us.

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