“Gargantuan” Enchilada

Mexican date night for the win again! Pretty sure this will never get old and I know my boyfriend would agree with me ūüôā

We (me, Nic and Trevor) normally go to Jimmy Johns on Saturdays for dinner which is always enjoyed by all. However, this past Saturday it was just myself and my boyfriend and we switched it back up to Mexican Date Night for us. He always orders¬†JJ’s gargantuan. LOVES IT. So it popped in my head to do a play on it and make a “gargantuan” enchilada for him. We both work Saturday mornings/early afternoon and train after I get off work. Therefore, I wanted something quick and simple to make right when we get home. Used staple foods that we have at home plus a can of enchilada sauce for convenience purpose, wham bam thank you ma’am. Twenty minutes and done. Also made garlic salt corn chips because one, homemade corn chips are bomb, and two it takes 10 minutes so why not! Nothing fancy here people, but it is tasty and hits the spot.


(Served 1 starvin marvin but could easily serve 2-3 hungry people)

-2 extra large flour tortillas
-1/4-1/2cup enchilada sauce
-1cup shredded mexican cheese
-300g shredded chicken (meal prepped already)
-1cup rice (I used basmati but any type will work)
-TrueLime Cilantro garlic lime seasoning (for the rice, totally optional)

-Preheat the oven to 350F and spray the baking dish you will be using.
-Lay out the two flour tortillas to where one is slightly overlapping the other.
-In a large bowl mix together the chicken, rice, most of the cheese, couple tablespoons of queso and salsa each. You could also use a little bit of enchilada sauce but you do not want this mixture to be soupy. Feel free to add jalape√Īos, lettuce, refried beans here at this point to if you would like.

-Start with the end edges and fold in. Then roll the up like a burrito to create your enchilada. Place in the baking dish.
-Pour the enchilada sauce on top and place in the oven. Keep a close eye, it does not take long at all till you start to notice some bubbling.

-Add the remainder of the cheese, place back in the oven and wait until all hot and bubbly.

-I did not even attempt to take this out of the dish, so I served it right up as is. Keep it simple ya’ll.


Served with a side of corn chips and more queso and salsa because lets be honest, no mexican themed night is complete without those three things.

But guys, this was HUGE. Comparison shot with a 42oz jar of salsa (thank you Sam’s Club).

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