GIANT PB Pudding Cookie with toppings GaLoRe!

I came across the easiest recipe every for a peanut butter cookie involving pudding mix. Two things I love, uh yes it peaked my interest. Well I finally got around to trying it and i’m glad I did. It is not a oh-m-gee to die for cookie but in a pinch and minimal ingredients, it is pretty darn good. I have made three versions of this one:

The original which uses all peanut butter, it is tasty oh yes. The macro side of me though wanted to see if I could get similar results but with a touch less fat.

Second trial: I subbed some of the peanut butter with powdered peanut butter. Turned out great as well so that is a nice option to have when needed.

Third trial: I wanted to see if it would work with an egg replacer using my lower fat version. I would say it is still a recipe in trial but if you don’t mind a super soft cookie with not a lot of structure, (or as a dessert pizza base like I did), it is perfect!


Now onto the egg free, lower fat, peanut butter filled GIANT cookie base 🙂


-60g crunchy peanut butter (I used this one), creamy or whatever you like I assume would work. I would not recommend a runny nut butter though.
-24g powdered peanut butter (BetterBodyFoods) mixed with 3tbsp water (should be thick pb consistency)
-1 small box sugar free vanilla pudding mix
-7g egg replace (Bob’s Red Mills), mixed with water to create 1 egg following the directions  (or use 1 large egg)
-splash vanilla extract


-Preheat oven to 350F and line baking sheet with parchment paper or use non-stick cooking spray.
-If using an egg-replacer, make now and set aside.
-In a large bowl add the rest of the remaining ingredients and then your egg replacer.
-Mix till well combined. You can either make normal cookie size or one giant size. Whatever your heart desires.
-Cook till slightly golden brown. Small cookies take about 8 minutes, large cookie up to 20 minutes. This will vary based on oven and size of cookie so I always run in 5 minute increments just to make sure they don’t burn!

Now for this giant cookie I topped it with pretzels, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, mini marshmallows, twix bar, and a protein icing (powder and water). Make it however you want however you like. GO WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This might be a repeat, should I make it that? What are you thinking topping wise???? Let me know below in a comment 🙂

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