My DENSE pancake base recipe

I use to make pancakes every single Sunday awhile back. It was something I look forward to after my training session. I either made a stack or on the rare occasion went to IHOP. Now for me, IHOP has the best pancakes by far. Light, fluffy, filling and no syrup is needed whatsoever! At least in my opinion. Now when I make my pancakes at home, for some reason I love to make them super duper dense and tiny. I don’t know what it is about it but I find it much more satisfying (when at home) to eat and fun to make. It is SOOOOOOOO easy to make them whatever flavor profile you want. But for me, I have to admit, I first think what toppings do I want and then I choose my pancake flavor. All about the toppings. Guilty. I’m okay with it though 😉













Any who, back on track. Since moving to Vero, my Sunday routine has been bagel time instead which I LOVE. But lately I have been craving my pancakes. Just so happens that my new Wednesday morning routine gives me the perfect opportunity to enjoy my pancake stacks! So you guessed it, my stacks are now officially a Wednesday routine. YESSSSSS. I make them the day before because I don’t have to cook them in the morning and as we all know, I like my food cold.


Some people may like this recipe, some people may find it gross but I’m sharing anyway because I want to!

DENSE Pancake Base
(Serves 1)

-80g all purpose flour
-10g coconut flour (I like BetterBody Foods)
-60g canned pumpkin (or any fruit puree will work actually)
-15g protein powder (varies based on flavor and what I have)
-flavoring (changes every time)
-1/4tsp baking powder
-70g egg whites
-1/4-1/2cup water or milk (this will vary depending on the protein powder you use)

-Preheat your pan or griddle to a medium low heat.
-Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl besides the water.
-Start with a 1/4cup of liquid. Mix. SLOWLY add more but just enough to create a very thick batter.

TO THICK                                                               JUST RIGHT

-Make sure your cooking surface is a low heat. Since this is a thick batter it will take slightly longer to cook all the way through.
-Pour the batter in your desired pancake size. I typically make dollar size pancakes, roughly 3″ in diameter. Watch closely. After a couple of times you will get a better feel of how hot and quick your pan cooks the pancakes.

-Flip when you start to see bubble on the outside and the side is golden brown. Repeat until the batter is all gone.

TIME TO GO TOPPING CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Yes, I like toppings okay! Below are past creations I have made using this base recipe. I will be sharing more as each Wednesday comes along 🙂 Any flavor ideas you have in mind comment below! Always enjoy help in the creative center.


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