What I Ate Wednesday #1

I have always found what other people eat interesting to see. Couldn’t tell you why but on youtube, blogs, IG, it is one of the things I look at. Just observing people in general is fascinating to me so maybe that is why I like it, another aspect of someone. So I figured since I enjoy seeing what other people eat, why not share what I have during a “normal” day for me.

Wake up call: bright and early 5am

Best way to start the day: 6:00am coffee! Specifically vanilla hazelnut from Einsteins at the moment. And you are absolutely correct Einstein Bros, Jollyville in that cup indeed.

Breakfast Snackage: 6:50am (and yes I do eat all of my foods separately/”courses” ha)

apple pie apples (aka microwave an apple with sweetener, cinnamon, and water)

cinnamon oats topped with 2% greek yogurt

pecans andĀ peanut butter powder that I mix with the apple pie apples cooking liquid

Post-workout Snackage: 10am

cream of rice or oatmeal base topped with a coconut oil and protein powder sauce, bananas, pecans, and today I crumbled up a Fit & D’lish double chocolate cookie (review in the future)

Dinner Snackage: aka 3pm early bird special šŸ˜‰

basmati rice, mixed veggies, green beans, shredded chicken I made in the crockpot, coconut oil, and jalapeƱo salsa cream cheese (in love with this cream cheese!)

Was at work and in a rush so I missed a picture, next time!

Dessert Snackage:

crumbled up rice cakes in the bowl with kix, chocolate protein “milk”, more of the Fit & D’lish double chocolate cookie, and peanut butter!!!

Creature of habit so I’ll have pretty much the exact same thing throughout the week. Plus it easy, it works with my routine, and I know how it makes me feel. Weekends are when I have a bit more relax time and like to at least try something new for dinner or whatnot.


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