What I Ate Wednesday #2

For the most part I eat the same meals every day especially during the week. 1. I thoroughly enjoy my meals and tend to go on a long kick of being a repeat offender. 2. It is easy to just keep repeating once I figured out my intake, less thought into the next day so I can focus on other things. 3. I just really like my foods.

Well yesterday I felt like switching things up just a tad. Breakfast was the same ingredients just prepared slightly different. Same for my post-workout meal. Now my last meal was where I completely switched things up. I was in the mood for multiple topping and what better way than to put topping on a piece of toasted bread. Mmhmm 🙂 Also, I found the cake batter mini bagels and figured I should probably use them up as well.

Every day starter: 6am coffee time

Breakfast: 6:45am chocolate oats, greek yogurt, sliced pear, powdered peanut butter mixed with water, and pecans that my aunt gathered from her yard.

Post-Workout: 11am mixture or cream of wheat and oats for the base. Topped with more pecans, banana slices, Fit & Dlish funfetti cookie and protein powder mixed with coconut oil for an “icing.”

Dinner: 3pm (Actually remembered to take a photo). Rice, sweet potato, mixed veggies, green beans, crockpot chicken, cream cheese and coconut oil.

Dessert: 7:30pm Topping bar galore consisting of: strawberry jelly, cream cheese, protein powder mixed with water, powdered peanut butter, choco dyne bites, mini cake batter bagel and of course peanut butter!!

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