What I Ate Wednesday #3

Hello!!! Hope you guys had a nice weekend and a good start to the week 🙂 Been loving the weather here in FL the past couple days, finally warm. Yet we all know I am still in sweats and a hoodie always and forever. Although yesterday I made a record breaking 75 minutes without a jacket on at work….*shake my head* haha. Any who, here is what I ate yesterday. I will go ahead and say I am pretty much a repeat offender with my meals but sometimes I like change it up just a tiny bit 😉

Best start the day 6:15am: Vanilla Hazelnut coffee thank you Einsteins (Sara!!)

Breakfast 6:50am: chocolate cake oats, caramel greek yogurt, pecans, powdered peanut butter sauce, and sliced pear. Cake Oat recipe will be posted below 🙂

Post-Workout 11:10am: Nice little upper body pump going on which is rare so of course, we capture that moment hah!

Oatmeal and cream of wheat base topped with protein “icing” made with protein powder and coconut oil, banana slices, pecans, cocoa pebbles (carbs were increased so I added some cereal, easy peasy), and half of one of my tester fudge bites. (Was meant to be a brownie but somehow the protein powder was blueberry flavored. I will admit, the flavor is really growing on my in this fudge bite. Nomz)

Dinner 3:15pm: the usual crockpot chicken, mixed veggies, green beans, basmati rice, coconut oil and decided to try out Einsteins garlic & herb cream cheese. Pretty darn good! Jalapeño salsa is still #1 for their savory options.

Dessert 7:20pm: crumbled up rice cakes with rice krispie cereal, peanut butter and half of a test batch of my fudge muffins (salted caramel chocolate chip version. I tried out Nutrakey Salted Caramel Pb protein…oh yes).

Happy tummy at the end of the day. Cake oats are something I created years ago and boy did I have fun with it. I’m thinking that fun should be brought back don’t you think so too?


Chocolate Cake Oats (1 serving)

-55g quick oats (Quaker)
-5g cocoa powder (Hersheys )
-1packet stevia (optional, I do not)

In a large bowl cook your quick oats with 1 cup of water for 2 minutes. Add in your cocoa powder, sweetener if using and 1/2 cup water. Cook for another 2 minutes. Keep in the same bowl or pour into another container (the shape you want your cake!) and let it sit overnight.

That is it! Now there are add-ins you could do obviously and as time goes on I will share with you those but this is all I needed for me that day.

I topped mine with plain greek yogurt that I flavored with sugar free caramel flavoring (I freaking love this stuff, all the flavors are delicious and it is the perfect flavor addition to so many things).

Powdered pb sauce this time was just powdered peanut butter and water but my favorite is when you add coconut oil and it creates a peanut butter shell. Oh yes! You know that just sounds hands down bomb.

Pear and pecans because they are tasty and they are what I have on hand. Work with what you got.

Macros for the entire dish including toppings:

Fat- 11g
Carbohydrates- 68g
Protein- 25g

Macros for just the cake oat:

Fat- 3g
Carbohydrates- 40g
Protein- 8g


Enjoy you guys and let me know what you think and share you cake oats with me! Tag me on IG at cef0968 and #chefcef

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